Is it a sin to smoke pot? What does the Bible say about weed? Plus a mind-blowing talk with Sister Kate from Sisters of the Valley. This episode is smokin’!


Kill the Messenger

CBD Medical Uses

Kaneh Bosem

Show Notes

  • 00:55 – Introduction
  • 04:54 – Voicemail about emailing the Heretic Happy Hour:
  • 09:22 – Text about defining “Christianese.”
  • 10:24 – Text about God in all humanity and the legitimacy of other spiritual practices.
  • 15:55Patreon page.
  • 17:05 – Introduction to heretic of the week, Sister Kate.
  • 17:33 – Reasons Sister Kate is considered a heretic: She smokes weed, is self-declared, doesn’t go to church, believes the real Trinity is man, God, and earth, refers to the Divine as “Goddess,” and believes that this is the age of matriarchy.
  • 19:52 – Traditional Christianity disregarding the earth as sacred.
  • 23:34 – Meditation as more empowering than prayer.
  • 25:16 – Sister Kate’s deconstruction process.
  • 29:21 – Cannabis and Christianity. Lies about the cannabis plant. Cannabis as medicine.
  • 33:11 – The opposition to cannabis and pharmaceutical companies.
  • 40:41 – The Divine Feminine.
  • and The Accidental Nun.
  • 42:49 – End of interview.
  • 44:00 – Introduction to topic about cannabis. The Bible and cannabis.
  • 46:45 – The Bible and alcohol.
  • 48:44 – The healing properties of cannabis. Humans have cannabinoid receptors.
  • 52:10 – All things are lawful, but not all things are beneficial. We aren’t governed by legalities. Motivations behind what we do.
  • 58:30 – The root of addiction and demonizing substances.
  • 1:00:00 – It’s not what goes into the mouth that defiles a man, but what comes out.
  • 1:03:43 – Anointing oil and cannabis in the Bible.
  • 1:06:11 – The drug war.
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