Heretic Happy Hour
Theme Song

Now you too can listen to and sing along with the Heretic Happy Hour theme song any time you damn well please. Add it to your favorite party playlist and get all your friends to join in.

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  • If the Bible's got you tied in knots...

  • ...and you're burdened with religious thoughts...

  • ...then grab a drink and join the choir...

  •'s Heretic Happy Hour!

Heretic Happy Hour
Drinking Game

Looking for a way to spice up your evening? Grab the Heretic Happy Hour drinking game and follow along with the latest podcast. Guaranteed to be the best night of your life!*

*Results not guaranteed

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"HERESY!" Button

Ever find yourself losing a theological debate? Just load the "HERESY!" Button on your phone and hit play whenever you're in a public disagreement. You're sure to win every time.

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